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Yes. I know. I promised you pictures a month ago. But then the sun went away, and it has been cold and raining. The garage not being the most well lit place it really requires a sunny day for pictures not to look like ass. Finally, today, it is sunny, my camera is charged and I had time to go out and nose around. Also time to edit and post! So here you go.

bright light






Single lamp


Under pressure

As you can see, today’s editing was fun with filters, shoo! I do love messing with my photos when I can.

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Tomatoes ripening on the porch

ripening station


Plums from a friend




The cherry tomatoes are almost done

cherry tomatoes


Why our neighbours like to walk by our place – our pumpkins grow in the front yard

pumkin leaves

pumpkin flower





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The Joey’s House crew spent a good bit of time at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market yesterday.  I love going there in the fall, when it’s not too hot out and there is still lots of good produce.  Punky loves it too – we always take a minute to visit the cows and horses.  Here’s how the market looked yesterday.

Lots of good fruits and veg of course!
I could take pictures of peppers all day, such great colours and shapes.

Peppers again

Hot peppers

Pumpkin peppers

Little red

Plums and apples



Eggplant – love the look of the stripey ones!



Mushrooms, including some funky yellow Oyster Mushrooms


Oyster mushroom

Beautiful fall mums.






I wish I knew how they did this – those are real roses, with some kind of funky dye thing happening.

How do they make these?

And of course, our favourite market faces!
The horses that pull the tour wagons.

Trolley horses

A new friend.

Good face

And, of course, the cows.

Hello cow!




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Well, let’s see.

There were berries.


Now, there is jam.


There was a request.  Now there is a halter top – that fits.

Punky halter

There were scraps of yarn.

Scraps wanting to be socks

Now there is sock.  Yes, only one, the other is coming.  It’s a cuff.  We’ll get there.

Super Magical Scrap Sock of Wonder

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Just wandering…

Camera in hand…

Painted fern



Garage wall

Herb Garden

Mother's Day knitting

Backyard denizen

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Hello my Minions, so nice to see you again!  Sorry for the long break between posts!  Two things have happened – one, summer has happened and with no school I am busier, the pool calls, camp beckons and the computer gets ignored.  At least until it doesn’t work.  We had problems that resulted in no internet connection for over two weeks.  Thanks to Joey, and everyone else who offered an opinion, the issue has been resolved and we are back in the land of the connected.  I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer in the mean time.

Just before the computer went on vacation we at Joey’s House did.  We camped at Long Point Provincial Park for 5 days.  It was rainy, windy and buggy!  A word of warning to anyone considering heading that way next year – according to one of the lovely park staff August is sand fly season.  We all came back very chewed up – especially Punky and Juno.   The beach there is awesome though, and the water very shallow for a good  ways out.  We had some calm days and some rough water days, both of which are fun for different reasons.  The day we arrived was warm and the waves were crashing in an adjust-your-bathing-suit after each wave kind of way.  Juno learned to jump waves too, after overcoming an initial mistrust in them.  We had good food, and enjoyed some relaxation time as Punky ran wild with a gaggle of other kids that were staying at nearby sites.  If we could have avoided the bugs and the crazy rainstorms (they make for a very poor night’s sleep when you’re in a tent) it would have been perfect!  I may have taken just a few pictures, have a look!

If you looked left from our campsite you saw this – that bit of blue is Lake Erie!

Look left from our campsite

As I said – the first day was rough water. The waves ate up a lot of the beach.

Punky camps in style and with many friends.
Punky's camp bed

The second morning was very calm.
Punky on the beach

The beach is very peaceful in the early morning.
Beach morning

Just a beach log.
Beach log

Juno enjoys the warm sand.
Sand dog

Of course there was knitting at camp – and some crocheting too. More about that later
New best knitting spot, complete with yarn dog

Bacon over the fire…mmmmm… bacon….
The bacon shot

What’s a campfire without spider dogs?
The perfect spider dog

The last night was warm and peaceful with a great sunset. Until it rained of course.
Last sunset at camp

There has been some knitting going on as well – but that’s another post.

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Hot again

Too hot to write a real post.  Too hot to be inspired.  The Weather Network says its 30 C here, but feels like 37 with the humidity.  (That’s 86 F and 99F respectively.)   That’s hot, and the humidity is sucking the life out of everything.  So grab a cold one and here’s some pretty pictures to look at instead k?

Bee Balm

Bee balm

Raspberries from the garden


Carpet flowers

Carpet flower

Rope Swing

Rope Swing

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