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Yes. I know. I promised you pictures a month ago. But then the sun went away, and it has been cold and raining. The garage not being the most well lit place it really requires a sunny day for pictures not to look like ass. Finally, today, it is sunny, my camera is charged and I had time to go out and nose around. Also time to edit and post! So here you go.

bright light






Single lamp


Under pressure

As you can see, today’s editing was fun with filters, shoo! I do love messing with my photos when I can.


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Hello all you knitters! Happy Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Day! 

Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Day, if you are unaware, springs from the mind of Stephanie “Yarn Harlot” Pearl-McPhee as a way to celebrate the launch of her new book in Toronto.  As tends to happen on popular blogs people who don’t live in T.O. soon spoke up, asking to be included in the fun.  (Full info available here)  Here then is my entry in the Freestyle Canadian category:


My current sock for Joey seen pictured against the whiskey barrels on the Seagram lands in downtown Waterloo.  These barrels were, I believe, used for ageing Seagram’s Crown Royalwhisky.  When the Seagram company was sold the historic buildings were turned into condos and offices.  This stack of barrels stands near the old buildings and is a popular spot for taking goofy pictures.  Kinda like this one.  Heh.

(If you want to see more Inexplicable pictures, check the Flickr group here)

Now, someone standing outside of a public attraction, such as the barrels, and taking a picture of unfinished knitting is, to most, pretty inexplicable.  I can easily imagine some one driving past me thinking “What, in the name of whiskey, is that person doing?”.  But do you every get this reaction from others when you are just knitting?  I’m sure most of us have at one time or another.  But here’s the thing.  I don’t think this reaction is confined just to knitters.  I’m willing to bet that no matter what your hobby there is someone out there who thinks you’re a few crayons short of a box.  My hubby for example – he likes motorcycles.  So what, you say, lots of people like motorcycles.  Yes.  But do lots of people build their own?  I don’t mean that he’s restoring a vintage one, or even repairing a junker.  I mean that he is putting one together from the frame out.  And just like I know that socks are available for really cheap at Walmart, he knows that motorcycles are available already in one piece, ready to ride. 

Joey is also a runner.  Again, lots of people run.  Most people don’t question that he runs.  It’s good exercise, lost of people run, it gets you outside – there are lots of good and easily understandable reasons to run.  The strange looks and “Why would you want to do THAT?” comments crop up when people hear how far he runs.  This past January he completed the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge at Disney World.  This is a 2 day race consisting of a 1/2 Marathon on the fist day and a Full Marathon on the second.  That’s 21 km/13.1 miles on day 1 and 42 km/26.2 miles on day 2.  When I say that Joey runs, I don’t just mean around the block. 

My point here is that anyone who has a hobby likely puts up with the weird looks, the smart-ass comments, the glazed eyes when they mention it to muggle friends.  So why do we do it?  Is it the urge to create?  To compete? To prove yourself?  Or maybe my motorcycle-mad runner says it best: 

“Sure I could just go out and buy a motorcycle (buy socks/only run 5km).  But what fun would that be?” 

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