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Tomatoes ripening on the porch

ripening station


Plums from a friend




The cherry tomatoes are almost done

cherry tomatoes


Why our neighbours like to walk by our place – our pumpkins grow in the front yard

pumkin leaves

pumpkin flower






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Every year after Halloween we mulch our Jack-o-lanterns into our front flower bed.  It helps the flowers, and it helps us, since we are lazy and it’s easier to push the pumpkins into the flower bed than to drag them around back to the composter.  Last year we had a pumpkin go bad before we ever got to carve it.  Into the flower bed it went, seeds and all.  Earlier this summer Joey was doing some weeding when he found – you got it – a tiny pumpkin plant.  Well, that tiny plant has turned into this:

It has already eaten a hosta and some periwinlke, and I haven’t seen the neighbour’s cat in several days.

But it is doing something useful.

Baby pumpkins!!  Whoo!!

ETA:  It only just occured to me that today’s date is 08.08.08.  My dad loved days with dates like this, and would have been on the phone at 8:08 this morning to tell me what time it is.  He also would have liked the pumpkin plant, so I have posted the leaf picture in the 888 Group on Flickr.  This group is just for photos taken today, so go on over and see what the rest of the world is up to today, or add your own view!

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