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Coming soon!

New sock pattern! Just in time for… really hot summer weather. Yay?
No, wait you want to get a head start on your fall wardrobe needs, don’t you? Of course you do! Squishy, soft, fun socks will be just the thing. In a month or two. The pattern isn’t ready yet, but here’s a preview. Yeah, the socks aren’t quite done either. Hello ends!



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It seems I have some knitting catch up to do here on the blog!
Guess what I’ve been making? Heh.

I showed you the beginning of a sock back in… oops… March:

Sock WIP

Which finished up look like this:

Spice man

These were toe-up socks for Joey using the Spice Man pattern. Just a plain foot and ribbed cuff, but what else are you going to do with that crazy yarn! It’s a good easy pattern if you’re looking to give toe-up socks a try I’d recommend it. The yarn is Lang Yand Jawoll Color Aktion, colour 132.0289. (Do you think they have 131 other striped yarns?) Not super soft, but very sturdy and very machine washable.

I got into the gift knitting spirit too. I often knit for Christmas and fall birthdays during the summer. I know some of you are cringing at the mere thought of winter holidays, and likely think I’m nuts, BUT! when I open that drawer in December that has all the accumulated knit presents in it? Don’t I feel awesome! Oh look, a whole whack of presents that just need wrapped! HA!

First up, socks for my mom!

Old Joe for Mom

This is the Old Joe pattern, knit in Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, colour West Side Story 2: Jumping the Shark. They are a very mom blue, I think she’ll like them. And if you like a sock with an easy to remember pattern that results in some nice texture then this is the pattern for you. Just knits and purls, not much counting; looks spiffy in the end.

Next, socks for Brenda. Brenda often asks for really crazy coloured socks, but as I was working on these I couldn’t help but think that they looked like something she would pick. That’s how it goes sometimes, right? Check out the awesome cables.

So many cables!

There are more on the leg too, little knots that drip around the leg as you knit. Hence the name of the pattern, Drip Drip Drop.
This was one of those patterns that I had know intention of making, but as I saw others working it up in a knit-along I just had to try the cables, they were so pretty. I’ve not done a lot of cabling, so it was a bit of a challenge, but not as hard as I was afraid it would be. The lovely green yarn? A Socks that Rock Rare Gem from Blue Moon Fibre Arts.

After two solid socks I was in the mood for some crazy coloured yarn. I’ve had this Candy Sprinkles from Studioloo in my stash for the longest time. I’ve tried a couple of patterns with it over the years, and never loved what I got. I’ve done this spiral idea on crazy yarns before, it always seems to work, and it’s fun to do. I ganked it from Cat Bordhi’s Coriolis socks – I didn’t use her construction, just the spiral.

Twisty Sprinkles

There is one other pair of finished socks, but they require their own post, as I have quite a bit of info to go with them. Scrap lovers keep your eyes peeled for the next post!

Currently I have two pairs in the works. A cabled pair for my mom that uses a cable I made up:

Moms socks

The yarn is Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, colour Grr… Arf! (Mutant Wheaten)

And of course, I needed a new project for camp!

Caterpillar sock

Bright socks against the trees of Algonquin Park. The yarn is Wildfire Dreams, which doesn’t seem to be available any more. The socks are inspired by  Cookie A’s Lateral – I thought the ridges might be good for the wild variegation. I’m loving how they’re turning out, and the texture is very squishy!

That’s it for the sock round up!

Tune in next time for… uhhh… another sock!

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Hey, how are you?  Enjoy your winter holidays?  Good to hear.  Things have been a bit busy Chez Joey, and not in a good way; so if you have missed my enchanting presence in the last couple of months my apologies.  Things seem to be getting better now, so I will endeavour to be around more often.  Would you like to see what I’ve been working on?  Excellent.

After all the Christmas knitting, wrapping, decorating, blahblahblah was done I was really looking forward to knitting whatever I felt like.  After that last two pattern releases I was also looking forward to knitting a pattern that didn’t invlove me writing down every blessed stitch.  First off the needles was a pair of socks for me, in a yarn that fortuitously showed up at my door on the very day I was going to start something.  Clearly it was a sign.

Block of Gnomes socks

These are my Block of Gnomes socks, which went by very quickly, and I wore Christmas Eve.

Block of Gnomes socks

Yarn: Gnome Acres Sparkle Gnome Sock in the Bertie Botts colour way.  Sparkles (the yarn has stellina in it!), Harry Potter and gnomes?  Yeah, you know I couldn’t resist!  Awesome stuff to work with and it’s washed beautifully too.  Go look at her shop, it’s ok, I’ll wait.  Just don’t buy up all the Zombie Flannel, ok?

Pattern:  Block of Chocolate Socks – a nice free pattern that I’ve had in the queue for a while.  A nice easy stitch pattern that (of course) I modified slightly, by not taking it all the way down the foot so it looks like someone has been biting off blocks of chocolate.  I made each foot different so no notes were required. I also fancied up the toes.

Once I finished those I wanted to start a pair for Joey who has been so awesome during the past two months of Doom.  He has cooked, cleaned, rearranged his schedule, come flying home from work early, given up several weekends and days off to help me all the while keeping me well stocked in chocolate and alcohol.  The least I can do is socks.  But they better be really good socks.  I had seen this pattern a while ago, and then it was featured in the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group on Ravelry.  I liked it the first time I saw it, and the repeated viewings weakened my defences.  Joey usually likes crazy coloured socks, this time it would be a crazy patterned sock.

Gladys Sock in Progress

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage in the stunningly named 5627 (oh, their website says it’s also called Jade) colour.  Nice, smooth, soft, a good price and it comes in lots of colours.  You can’t miss.

Pattern: Gladys – hey this one is free too!  Looks more complicated than it is (psst: it’s just knits and purls) although I’ve gotta say – there’s a lot of seed stitch.  I’ve discovered that I like to look at seed stitch more than I like to knit seed stitch. This one just needs a toe – fortunately not a seed stitch one.

Next up:  Look, it’s not a sock!!

Guernsey Scarf

My friend Rose bought herself a beautiful red coat, and as soon as I saw it I thought it needed a purple scarf.  I’ve had this lovely skein in my stash for a year, never sure what it wanted to be.  Obviously it was waiting for this!

Yarn: Indigodragonfly MCS Sock, in the one-of-a-kind named I thought the email said “Present Enlarger” from last year’s Giftapalooza.  It’s squishy!

Pattern: Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Wrap. Originally written for worsted weight yarn, turns out if you cast on with sock weight on 3.5mm needles you get a good scarf size.

So after knitting so many patterns with texture I was beginning to want a break.  I started to think that maybe I needed to put the seed stitch and ribbing down for a day and just do some nice boring stockinette. On the other hand, I was afraid if I did that then I wouldn’t go back to any of the textured stuff.  I struggled with it for about a day.  Then I ran into this.

Noro Kureyon

In case you were wondering, the Dark Side has cookies AND Noro.

Noro Addict Sock

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Are you MOCKING me?

Hello knitters and readers, Happy Fall!

I know there haven’t been a lot of posts lately, but I have two projects in the works that were very hush-hush – until now!

I was asked to design the October Mystery Sock (or MOCK) for the Keep It Simple Socks group on Ravelry.  The group hosts a sock knit along (KAL) each month, and this is their first MOCK.  So I was pretty excited to get to be the designer!  The premise behind this group is they like to knit simple socks – the kind of knitting that is soothing after a long day when you’re not inclined to have to interpret a chart that looks like someone spilled a dictionary.  My socks certainly fit into that category.  There are charts, but also written instructions.  It is a basic top-down construction, with the familiar heel flap.  There’s a small surprise on the toe, but it’s not overly taxing.  If you can knit a plain sock, you can knit this one.

The official thread and rules for this KAL are here.  But basically, this is how it works: Every Monday in October (there are five this year) I will release the next clue for the sock.  So the first clue will be the cuff, then the leg, etc, etc.  No, there are no pictures of the finished pattern yet – that’s why it’s a MYSTERY sock!  The pattern will be free until October 31 –  a little Halloween treat for you!  After that the price goes up to a whopping $2.00.

You can use whatever sock yarn you like for your MOCK socks, although I might suggest something more along the lines of a semi-solid if you want to see the pattern.  Just around the time I was agreeing to do this design I received some yarn from RainCity Knits.  Perfect!  I thought, new yarn, new pattern!  So that’s what I used.

Finally, I have an image for you to use on your Ravelry project page.  Any Mystery knit along usually features something like this – you put it up as your main project picture until after the KAL is done; it acts as a spoiler preventer for those just browsing through the projects.  If they want to see your other pictures they can click your project to have a look.  Since it’s October, and I love Halloween I’ve got a little witchy for your to use:



So, go stash diving, find some yarn and get ready to MOCK along with us!



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Well hi!

Did you think I’d vanished?  Things have been busy.  Starting with an unplanned (obviously, who plans these things?) sinus infection of epic proportions, continuing with end of school and camping and WHOOSH, there goes June and a bit of July.  More holidays are coming too, yay!!!  So in order to make up for my absences I thought I’d bring you a wee giftie.  Something to take with you on your own summer travels perhaps.  A sock pattern that is lovely and mindless (so hot, who wants to think too much?) but will make you feel especially noble as it uses up some of those ends and leftovers you have hanging about.  You know the ones.  That fabulous yarn you knit those awesome socks with, that you still have 47g of, and you LOVE it, but what the heck do you do with 47g?  Or that single 50g skein you got… uhhhh… somewhere along the way, uuummmm, maybe in a swap?  Can’t remember, but it’s sitting there glaring balefully at you because it’s been in the stash for 3 years and you’ve never touched it.  Yeah.  THAT yarn.  Go dig through your leftover bags and find a couple that you think will work, because you’re going to want to make these beauties!

Green and purple

A Study in Scraps: Sock #1.  I used up 79g of hanging about sock yarn on these, woot!  The purple is Koigu KPPPM – it was that hang around skein that just appeared in the stash one day, that I never knew what to do with.  The yellow is Indigodragonfly Merino Sock – it was leftover from Phillip and Mr. Grumm.

Scraps wanting to be socks

I love to use up odds and ends, but I wanted it to look purposeful, like a properly planned item, not just a mish-mash of stripes using whatever I grabbed next – although that can be fun too.  I only used two colours for these, but you could certainly use more.  I’d love to see some really wildly coloured ones!

(Pssst! Over here!!  Trying to figure out if you have enough yarn for some scrappy socks of your own?  Check out THIS post! It might help.)

Scrap Sock of Wonder - close up

I’ve written up the instructions for these, not hat you couldn’t likely figure it yourself if you’re a bit clever.  They’re just 2×2 rib and 1 row alternating stripes.  I’ve included how to keep the stripes going nicely down the heel and around the gusset, with no visible jog.  Oh, and the rather dashing button cuff too, of course! Sure, you could figure it, but it’s still hot, so why bother?  You can grab the PDF for free right here: scrap sock1 PDF, or it’s also available on Ravelry if you’d rather stuff it into your library there, and on Craftsy too!

Stripe heel

Don’t you love a good stripy heel? Check out the bottoms.

Heel and toes

Fun, right?

As I’ve been working on these I have had many comments about the colours – mainly “I would never have thought those would go together!”. I’m going to write up a little tutorial on how I pick my colours for you. Tossing your scrap bin should be fun, not stressful!
And finally, a word on my model – Punky is finally big enough to model my socks for me (Yikes, how did that happen!?) They are a bit big on her, but she had a lot of fun doing it. She wanted you to see that her toes are just as colourful as the socks!

Rainbow toes!

Happy summer knitting!

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Well, let’s see.

There were berries.


Now, there is jam.


There was a request.  Now there is a halter top – that fits.

Punky halter

There were scraps of yarn.

Scraps wanting to be socks

Now there is sock.  Yes, only one, the other is coming.  It’s a cuff.  We’ll get there.

Super Magical Scrap Sock of Wonder

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Gnash socks

Time for a new pattern, yes?

No monsters this time, but it does have teeth.

Gnash your socks!

Gnash socks!  For that semi-sold that keeps biting you when you reach into the stash.  Or maybe you’re the one who wants to bite something.

Good light to Gnash in

Knit top down, heel flap heel, and two toe options.  It also has two charts, so you can make mirror image teeth, should you so desire.

And?  It’s available on Ravelry for just $2.00!  Where else can you get teeth for $2?

Gnash Socks

No complicated cables, yarn overs, or anything else.  It’s all done with knits and purls.  Makes for some good chip knitting!  Just one more tooth!

Gnash on!



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