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Are you MOCKING me?

Hello knitters and readers, Happy Fall!

I know there haven’t been a lot of posts lately, but I have two projects in the works that were very hush-hush – until now!

I was asked to design the October Mystery Sock (or MOCK) for the Keep It Simple Socks group on Ravelry.  The group hosts a sock knit along (KAL) each month, and this is their first MOCK.  So I was pretty excited to get to be the designer!  The premise behind this group is they like to knit simple socks – the kind of knitting that is soothing after a long day when you’re not inclined to have to interpret a chart that looks like someone spilled a dictionary.  My socks certainly fit into that category.  There are charts, but also written instructions.  It is a basic top-down construction, with the familiar heel flap.  There’s a small surprise on the toe, but it’s not overly taxing.  If you can knit a plain sock, you can knit this one.

The official thread and rules for this KAL are here.  But basically, this is how it works: Every Monday in October (there are five this year) I will release the next clue for the sock.  So the first clue will be the cuff, then the leg, etc, etc.  No, there are no pictures of the finished pattern yet – that’s why it’s a MYSTERY sock!  The pattern will be free until October 31 –  a little Halloween treat for you!  After that the price goes up to a whopping $2.00.

You can use whatever sock yarn you like for your MOCK socks, although I might suggest something more along the lines of a semi-solid if you want to see the pattern.  Just around the time I was agreeing to do this design I received some yarn from RainCity Knits.  Perfect!  I thought, new yarn, new pattern!  So that’s what I used.

Finally, I have an image for you to use on your Ravelry project page.  Any Mystery knit along usually features something like this – you put it up as your main project picture until after the KAL is done; it acts as a spoiler preventer for those just browsing through the projects.  If they want to see your other pictures they can click your project to have a look.  Since it’s October, and I love Halloween I’ve got a little witchy for your to use:



So, go stash diving, find some yarn and get ready to MOCK along with us!




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