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I may have mentioned before that Joey likes motorcycles.  He likes bikes like I like yarn – they’re our favourtie raw materials to build stuff with.  And, of course if you like bikes you have all the stuff to go with right?  And it’s fun if you can make your stuff a little more unique than everyone else’s.  This past winter, Joey’s project was spiffing up his helmet.  It wasn’t in really bad shape, he just wanted to make it more interesting.  I thought it was time that I showed you what he did.

Joey's Helmet


Helmet art

Every helmet needs a monster

Stick dragon

It’s all done with Sharpie Paint pens if you’re wondering.  I drew the monster (duh).  Punky drew the motorcycle with the flames out the back.  Joey did the rest.  If you see him, say hi.  He’s friendly.

Now that it’s warm out again, here’s his current project:

Tin Man


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