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Well hi!

Did you think I’d vanished?  Things have been busy.  Starting with an unplanned (obviously, who plans these things?) sinus infection of epic proportions, continuing with end of school and camping and WHOOSH, there goes June and a bit of July.  More holidays are coming too, yay!!!  So in order to make up for my absences I thought I’d bring you a wee giftie.  Something to take with you on your own summer travels perhaps.  A sock pattern that is lovely and mindless (so hot, who wants to think too much?) but will make you feel especially noble as it uses up some of those ends and leftovers you have hanging about.  You know the ones.  That fabulous yarn you knit those awesome socks with, that you still have 47g of, and you LOVE it, but what the heck do you do with 47g?  Or that single 50g skein you got… uhhhh… somewhere along the way, uuummmm, maybe in a swap?  Can’t remember, but it’s sitting there glaring balefully at you because it’s been in the stash for 3 years and you’ve never touched it.  Yeah.  THAT yarn.  Go dig through your leftover bags and find a couple that you think will work, because you’re going to want to make these beauties!

Green and purple

A Study in Scraps: Sock #1.  I used up 79g of hanging about sock yarn on these, woot!  The purple is Koigu KPPPM – it was that hang around skein that just appeared in the stash one day, that I never knew what to do with.  The yellow is Indigodragonfly Merino Sock – it was leftover from Phillip and Mr. Grumm.

Scraps wanting to be socks

I love to use up odds and ends, but I wanted it to look purposeful, like a properly planned item, not just a mish-mash of stripes using whatever I grabbed next – although that can be fun too.  I only used two colours for these, but you could certainly use more.  I’d love to see some really wildly coloured ones!

(Pssst! Over here!!  Trying to figure out if you have enough yarn for some scrappy socks of your own?  Check out THIS post! It might help.)

Scrap Sock of Wonder - close up

I’ve written up the instructions for these, not hat you couldn’t likely figure it yourself if you’re a bit clever.  They’re just 2×2 rib and 1 row alternating stripes.  I’ve included how to keep the stripes going nicely down the heel and around the gusset, with no visible jog.  Oh, and the rather dashing button cuff too, of course! Sure, you could figure it, but it’s still hot, so why bother?  You can grab the PDF for free right here: scrap sock1 PDF, or it’s also available on Ravelry if you’d rather stuff it into your library there, and on Craftsy too!

Stripe heel

Don’t you love a good stripy heel? Check out the bottoms.

Heel and toes

Fun, right?

As I’ve been working on these I have had many comments about the colours – mainly “I would never have thought those would go together!”. I’m going to write up a little tutorial on how I pick my colours for you. Tossing your scrap bin should be fun, not stressful!
And finally, a word on my model – Punky is finally big enough to model my socks for me (Yikes, how did that happen!?) They are a bit big on her, but she had a lot of fun doing it. She wanted you to see that her toes are just as colourful as the socks!

Rainbow toes!

Happy summer knitting!


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