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Gnash socks

Time for a new pattern, yes?

No monsters this time, but it does have teeth.

Gnash your socks!

Gnash socks!  For that semi-sold that keeps biting you when you reach into the stash.  Or maybe you’re the one who wants to bite something.

Good light to Gnash in

Knit top down, heel flap heel, and two toe options.  It also has two charts, so you can make mirror image teeth, should you so desire.

And?  It’s available on Ravelry for just $2.00!  Where else can you get teeth for $2?

Gnash Socks

No complicated cables, yarn overs, or anything else.  It’s all done with knits and purls.  Makes for some good chip knitting!  Just one more tooth!

Gnash on!




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