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Just in time for Halloween! Another new monster!

This is Frankie Pie!

Frankie Pie

The idea for him came to me as I was looking at some other knitted toys on line a while ago.  As I was mulling him over in my head I saw a tweet from Catherine of Blueberry Pie Studio about her new green self striping colour way.  That solidified what Frankie should look like, so I drew him up and messaged Catherine. She agreed – Frankie needed to be striped!  She suggested a second colour for him, and tossed the yarn in the mail. I got to knitting, and here we are!

Frankie pie

Frankie is knit flat and in the round and has very minimal assembly – you only have to sew on his arms and legs. He uses basic increases and decreases, so he’s a good beginner monster. There is a very little bit of simple colour work on his head, but it’s optional.

Frankie Pie

As always, his pattern is available on Ravelry. Shall we have a little sale to celebrate? oh, yes, I think so! Enter the code besquare at the checkout to get $1.00 off your Frankie pattern from now until Oct 9.

Now get knitting and go scare some villagers!


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