Well. Now I’ve gone and done it.  I started a new project, a baby sweater, as a foil to my current project, which is a huge, never ending swath of mind numbing garter stitch that keeps promising to grow up to become a scarf one day. Look, isn’t it a nice blob?


I needed something more interesting to keep me from falling asleep over the scarf. Also to motivate me to actually work on the scarf (just two more rows and you can have a wee taste of baby sweater! Come on, you know you want to!).

Auntie by proxy cardi

So.  Baby sweater starts out charming and sweet as many baby sweaters do.  Cast on that teeny number of stitches (did I mention that the scarf gets bigger with each row? yeah.) make some increases, oh look, little sleeves forming, so cute! Oh yay, time to separate the sleeves from the body, which is still not a very large number of stitches right?

Now all I have to do is knit a number of inches down to the hem. In plain stockinette. With just a bit of garter at the edges. How exciting… DAMN!  Now I have TWO boring projects on the needles!  I don’t think I planned this very well.

Well, I guess the only thing for it is to keep knitting, get them finished up.

Sock Strap Clue #1

Oh, well, hello, where did that come from?


Bunny Cubes!

Time for a new toy pattern!  From the slightly odd minds at joey’s house, let me introduce you to


Bunny Cubes!

Bitty little bunnies who like to hang around in your sugar bowl and have afternoon tea.  And hey!  They’re calorie free!  In fact they’re almost yarn free – you don’t even need 10 grams to whip up one of these little guys. Strangely addictive they will soon be all over your house – the ones that guests don’t try to take home that is.

Available now for the low, low price of FREE!  Just click: bunny cubes colour to download the pattern for yourself.  Prefer to store it in your Ravelry library?  No problem it;s available there too; just CLICK!  Also available through Ravelry is a super plain version, for those of you who don’t want to use up all your pretty printer ink – same clicky as above.

But wait, there’s more!

To celebrate Bunny Cubes, we’re having a sale in the Ravelry Store! From now until end of day Sunday it’s BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on all paid patterns!  Just use the code HopToBeSquare at the checkout!  Thanks!  You’re bunny-riffic!

Bunny cube, foam stuffing

A fresh start

Start as you mean to go on is something you hear frequently at New Year’s.  Today at Joey’s House I’m practising Finish, since you don’t mean to continue.

I went and collected all of the projects that have languished and decided what to do with them.  It has been a busy morning of ripping!

Ripped and ready for something new

From the top: the caked yarn was a sweater that I had started for Jack, and finished about half of before realizing that I didn’t think I would have enough yarn to complete it , and that they yarn was really way, way to busy for a sweater, even a small one.  It will become socks for my mom, as I don’t mind variegated flashiness on someone’s feet, but I don’t think you need to coat an entire torso in it.

The large burgundy ball was supposed to become Hitchhiker scarf. Twice I started it, put it down, couldn’t figure out (months later) where I was, ripped it and restarted.  And put it down.  Clearly it wasn’t meant to be.  No current plans for that yarn although I did discover that it looks great in garter stitch.  The smaller balls were actually a hat, and one that I wore – although not much.  I have a really hard time finding a hat that doesn’t look ridiculous on me.  Anyway, i pulled it out yesterday and discovered a hole in it.  I couldn’t repair the hole nicely, and I really liked the yarn.  Don’t want to waste nice yarn!  RIP!


These mitts are the only thing to survive the Epic Ripping of 2013.  I was making great progress on them when I messed up the thumb gusset – the little hearts weren’t lining up properly on the thumb.  They only needed a small rip back, but got put away because… well I guess because it was August and I thought there was no rush.  Anyway, I am ready to attempt the thumb again, so it is nice to have them ready to go.

Finally, this will be the hardest project to rip back because it is actually a finished sock.

Bye bye lumpy sock

And a really long sock at that!  I have knit the leg of this sock three times now, in an attempt to get the shaping correct.  This version is the most successful, but no matter what I do there is always a bump where the decreases start. (can you see it in the picture? I can.) I have since looked into other knee sock patterns with different decreases, and I feel i have an idea that could save it – BUT, here’s the thing.  I don’t want to knit it again.  The striping pattern, while striking was not all that fun to knit.  I am not in love with them any more.  And once I got this sock figured out I’d still have a second one to knit!   That’s a lot of knitting for a project that you feel very meh about.  I’m saving this rip out for TV time tonight so I won’t have to focus on just how much I’m ripping.  Maybe less painful that way.

In other news there is a new critter on the way – hoping to get Version 3 knit up today.

Stay tuned!

Happy January 9!

Hey, how are you?  Enjoy your winter holidays?  Good to hear.  Things have been a bit busy Chez Joey, and not in a good way; so if you have missed my enchanting presence in the last couple of months my apologies.  Things seem to be getting better now, so I will endeavour to be around more often.  Would you like to see what I’ve been working on?  Excellent.

After all the Christmas knitting, wrapping, decorating, blahblahblah was done I was really looking forward to knitting whatever I felt like.  After that last two pattern releases I was also looking forward to knitting a pattern that didn’t invlove me writing down every blessed stitch.  First off the needles was a pair of socks for me, in a yarn that fortuitously showed up at my door on the very day I was going to start something.  Clearly it was a sign.

Block of Gnomes socks

These are my Block of Gnomes socks, which went by very quickly, and I wore Christmas Eve.

Block of Gnomes socks

Yarn: Gnome Acres Sparkle Gnome Sock in the Bertie Botts colour way.  Sparkles (the yarn has stellina in it!), Harry Potter and gnomes?  Yeah, you know I couldn’t resist!  Awesome stuff to work with and it’s washed beautifully too.  Go look at her shop, it’s ok, I’ll wait.  Just don’t buy up all the Zombie Flannel, ok?

Pattern:  Block of Chocolate Socks – a nice free pattern that I’ve had in the queue for a while.  A nice easy stitch pattern that (of course) I modified slightly, by not taking it all the way down the foot so it looks like someone has been biting off blocks of chocolate.  I made each foot different so no notes were required. I also fancied up the toes.

Once I finished those I wanted to start a pair for Joey who has been so awesome during the past two months of Doom.  He has cooked, cleaned, rearranged his schedule, come flying home from work early, given up several weekends and days off to help me all the while keeping me well stocked in chocolate and alcohol.  The least I can do is socks.  But they better be really good socks.  I had seen this pattern a while ago, and then it was featured in the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group on Ravelry.  I liked it the first time I saw it, and the repeated viewings weakened my defences.  Joey usually likes crazy coloured socks, this time it would be a crazy patterned sock.

Gladys Sock in Progress

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage in the stunningly named 5627 (oh, their website says it’s also called Jade) colour.  Nice, smooth, soft, a good price and it comes in lots of colours.  You can’t miss.

Pattern: Gladys – hey this one is free too!  Looks more complicated than it is (psst: it’s just knits and purls) although I’ve gotta say – there’s a lot of seed stitch.  I’ve discovered that I like to look at seed stitch more than I like to knit seed stitch. This one just needs a toe – fortunately not a seed stitch one.

Next up:  Look, it’s not a sock!!

Guernsey Scarf

My friend Rose bought herself a beautiful red coat, and as soon as I saw it I thought it needed a purple scarf.  I’ve had this lovely skein in my stash for a year, never sure what it wanted to be.  Obviously it was waiting for this!

Yarn: Indigodragonfly MCS Sock, in the one-of-a-kind named I thought the email said “Present Enlarger” from last year’s Giftapalooza.  It’s squishy!

Pattern: Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Wrap. Originally written for worsted weight yarn, turns out if you cast on with sock weight on 3.5mm needles you get a good scarf size.

So after knitting so many patterns with texture I was beginning to want a break.  I started to think that maybe I needed to put the seed stitch and ribbing down for a day and just do some nice boring stockinette. On the other hand, I was afraid if I did that then I wouldn’t go back to any of the textured stuff.  I struggled with it for about a day.  Then I ran into this.

Noro Kureyon

In case you were wondering, the Dark Side has cookies AND Noro.

Noro Addict Sock

An Unexpected Journey

Far over the misty mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To seek the pale enchanted gold*

Come along with me on a journey from the top of the cuff to the tip of your toe.  There are many bumps, hills, valleys and paths to explore as you build your sock, knit by knit, purl by purl into a densely patterned landscape as intriguing and any found in Middle Earth.

An Unexpected Journey

Knit from the top down, the sock is covered in bands of textured stitches each take their own journey and direction as you knit.  The texture continues onto both the heel flap heel and the toe, which has a chevron design to point you onto your next adventure.

An Unexpected Journey

The pattern is now available on Ravelry.  If you happen to be in my area, come by Shall We Knit and where they will be featured in their Crazy Local Talent trunk show, along side a few other noteworthy designs!

An Unexpected Journey Socks


*J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit George Allen and Unwin 1937

Well, it seems holiday time is approaching.  Have you been busily knitting your little fingers off?  Are you prepared with your box of completed gifts or are you frantically trying to knit 16 sweaters, 2 blankets, 8 pairs of socks, 9 scarves, 12 mittens and a partridge in the next 25 days?

Either way, I think your hand made gifts deserve a hand made gift tag!  Or, well, at least a tag with hand done art work, professionally printed so they look good.  A tag that will reflect all the time and effort you’ve put into your gifts, and what you’re really thinking when you present them to that (hopefully) worthy recipient.  A gift tag like this:

gift card 2012

What, you weren’t expecting something cutesy were you?  Sorry, Hallmark has the copyright on all that stuff.

While I was ordering the gift tags I noticed that I could have stickers printed too.  Stickers!!  Whoo, sign me up, what fun!  So I made two.  There’s a traditional To/From kind:

To/From Sticker 2012

And just a fun one that you can slap on a non-knitted gift or a card or whatever:

Monster sticker 2012

Here are the specs:

All products are professionally printed, and feature my original artwork.  The gift tags are standard business card size of  49 x 87 mm and printed on matte paper .  The stickers are 68 x 21 mm and printed on a glossier stock.

Pricing is as follows:
5 tags, packaged in a cute wee envelope is $2.50 plus shipping
5 tags + 5 stickers, either design is $ 3.00, plus shipping.
Shipping to Canada is $0.70
Shipping to the USA is $1.10
Shipping to anywhere else will be calculated dependant on where it’s going.

To order please email me at: joeyshouseATgoldenDOTnet. Include what you would like to receive, the email address you use for PayPal and your mailing address. Payment is through PayPal only. I will send you an invoice after I get your order.

Should you want any other combo of products please feel free to email me at: joeyshouseATgoldenDOTnet.
Of course, your stickers or tags will arrive without the copyright water mark 🙂

Supplies are limited, first come first serve please!

Hello Blog! You will (I hope) recall reading about a little MOCK I was hosting a post or two back.  It was great fun, and some really good socks have come out of it.  The mystery is over now, all of the clues have been released, so let me show you the pictures of my socks.

Dodge and Parry, instep pattern

The pattern features a fun, pointy motif that runs right down the front, from top to toe.

Dodge and Parry - back motif

And another motif on the back, so you can look great from any angle.
It has a textured heel flap heel, and a ribbed toe that repeats the symmetrical rib pattern at the cuff of the sock.

Dodge and Parry

The pattern has both written instructions and charts. This is the fist time I’ve ever done both, and whoo, is it a good bit of extra work! But I’ve had a lot of requests for it, so hopefully it’s worth it.

The beautiful bright blue yarn is from RainCityKnits, it’s called Rain Drop Blue. Krista does some whopping bright colours, and also choose your own colour self striping yarn – tempting, right?

It’s a fun knit, with the motifs to keep you interested and some plain stockinette to speed things along. Of course, it’s now available on Ravelry for the wee little price of only $2.00! So you can knit someone some awesome Christmas socks without completely blowing your budget on the pattern, yay!

*In memory of my Dad, who certainly knew his Daffy Duck.