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Hello Minion fans!  The Minions would like to introduce their newest incarnation: Mini Minion Stitch Markers! 

Made by our Minion loving friend Purple Goddess, these markers will be available in her Etsy shop soon!  She’s got lots of other cute critters too, if Minions aren’t your style.  What am I saying?  Aren’t Minions everyone’s style?


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It is this kind of day outside:

Even Juno looks cold.  Juno loves the snow, loves it like I love yarn.  Of course, Juno is half husky, and covered in lovely thick fur.  Me, I am not a cold weather person.  My favourite winter sport is called “hibernating” and involves copious amounts of hot chocolate/cider/tea, warm pajamas, a big stash of books and yarn and every single blanket I can find.  So, since it has been snowing for about two days straight and the roads are nothing short of craptacular I decided to stay home today and finish up some Christmas stuff.  I even took Juno for a walk first to put me in the right frame of mind (that would be thankful for the warmth and happy because there is nothing so joyous as Juno bounding through the snow).  First off I finished off the Hot Frogs a free pattern from Myrtle & Eunice. (look at her sidebar)

Aren’t they cool?  I must not take credit – Joey made these, not me.  He is much better at the sewing machine than I am.  I did the eyes, that’s it.  I love it when a present gets finished don’t you?  I really like it when I can finish a whole bunch of them all at once.  Which I also did today!  I finished up a batch of mustard that has been sitting and brewing (fermenting?  marinating?  not sure) on my counter for two days now.  This is one of those awesome recipes that take literally 10 minutes to do, but look so impressive.  Trust me, give someone a jar of this, and they are going to say “You MADE mustard?”  and then you can just sit back and look all clever and take the kudos.  No need to mention that the instructions basically go like this:

  • Dump all ingredients in a bowl.  Stir it a bit and cover it.
  • Ignore it for two days.
  • Uncover – notice that it looks just like a big bowl full of yuck. Pour yuck into food processor.  Bizz it around for about 2 minutes.
  • Notice that somehow the yuck has turned into mustard.
  • Pour it into jars.
  • Done.

Now, I took a picture of the yuck this morning, but it really was uninspiring, so let’s see it when it’s finished instead ok?

See. looks like mustard, right?

And now I have a whole pile of jars all full and waiting to be gifted, and well, don’t I feel clever.

I made 2 batches.  One batch makes about four 8 oz jars.  Want the recipe?  Here you go – Spicy Stout Mustard!

Finally, I know you are wondering how the Minions are doing.  Well, come meet the newest one, won’t you?  He’s a little smaller than all the others.

We’ve really got to be careful not to sit on him.

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It seems that we have another new resident.

Either they are breeding, or just gearing up for a really good party.  I’m not sure which.

As you may be able to tell from the look of him, this one is a bit more trouble than the first batch.  Earlier this afternoon he brought me a snack.

Isn’t that nice?  But while I was distracted by it check him out!

Ummm, dude?  That’s my drink!

As a side note – if you like Juicy Minion’s juicy orange colour you can check out Coulrophobia, purveyors of very colourful yarns, just like Juicy’s!

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Wouldn’t you like to have your own little hoard to make you sandwiches in the morning?  Let me help you with that!  The pattern is ready to go, and now available on Ravelry!

The details:

These minions are small – only about 7″ from hat tip to toe tip!  They knit up fast so you can have a whole horde of them in no time!  They’re just the size to stuff in a stocking (if you can convince them to stay there) or hang on the tree for the coolest ornament in town.   And they are knit in the round so there is no seaming and only minimal assembly.

So, what are you still doing here!??  GO! Knit!  Be happy!

Yarn: use up those favourite sock yarn scraps, or create an army of matching Minions from one 50 g ball.  Each Minion requires about 10 g of yarn.

Needles: Knit in the round on 2.25mm dpns.

Skills: Knitting in the round, basic increases and decreases, i-cord.

 Pattern includes 2 different head/body options (round or with ears) as well as 2 hats (toque and pointy elf hat) and pants.  The pattern is 7 pages of full colour fun, and will be emailed to you right away through Ravelry’s wicked delivery system.




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A Little Help

Well, after cornering our little guests in the cupboard the other day we have had a chance to get to know them, and it seems as long as you keep them busy (and fed) they are actually quite helpful little terrors creatures to have around.  Just look at all the work they did this morning!

Isn’t that nice – they made Joey’s lunch for him, complete with way too much mustard.  Just the way he likes it.


Looks like Joey is going to have an interesting day at work today!


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What Happened Here?

A few days ago I found this little hat outside on my porch railing.

 I didn’t know who it belonged to, but I brought it inside.  It seems this may have been a mistake.   That evening Joey and I kept hearing little scuffling noises and giggles.  We kept searching around but never found the source of the noises.  The next morning there were several things out of place in the kitchen.  We thought it must be the cats, and set everything back to right.

The following night there was more scuffling and even more giggling.  This is what we found in the morning.

Do you see it?  Peeking out of the cupboard?

Let me give you a close up.

No, it’s not a plant leaf.  Joey bravely went over and opened the cupboard.  Inside, we found this:

What the heck is that?   And in the rest of the cupboard?

A little closer?

What are they indeed! I don’t know yet, but apparently they had some sort of wicked party.

Maybe next time they will invite me.

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Quick!  Hide your socks!  There’s a monster under the bed and he’ll eat them if you’re not careful!

As you can see this monster only likes mismatched socks.  He’s not picky on the type of sock though.  He also likes to eat dust bunnies for dessert.  It’s nice to be useful isn’t it?

Think you might like your own sock monster?  His pattern is now available in the Joey’s House Etsy Shop or through Joey’s House on Ravelry.  Sock Monster is knit in the round, on 2.25 mm needles using sock yarn of course!  The pattern comes in PDF format and includes 6 pages of instructions for both the Monster and two different socks.  There are full colour photos and email support from me if you get stuck. 

To celebrate  the new Sock Monster pattern I’m having a little contest – the first five people to leave a comment here on the blog with a way to contact youwill receive a free Sock Monster Pattern!  Ready??  GO!!!

ETA: Wow, what a ot of great replies!  Thanks everyone who has stopped by to leave a comment today.  The five free patterns have been given out.  The winners are:




Mary  and,


If you are one of these lucky people and you have not recieved your pattern by now please check your email and/or your Ravelry account, as I have sent them all out.  For eveyone else, thanks for stopping by, we love having guests!

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