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Last year, right around this time, I got to do something really fun. I designed a pattern for Indigodragonfly’s Smart-Ass Knitter’s Club. Club members get exclusive yarn colours and patterns over the course of the year. Many of the designers for Kim’s club have done very beautiful, elegant patterns.  For the October 2012 club beautiful and elegant went right out the window, and Joey’s House took over, full force.  Of course there had to be a monster for Halloween!  A  monster with not only a costume, but a secret identity!

Meet Nerwin.

Nerwin - he's nice

Nerwin is the mild-mannered accountant of the Training for Really Objectionable Zombies (TROZ) school. By day he crunches numbers, counts beans, and serves as the office POIT (President of Inter-office Tea Time).

Batmeanie - international candy thief!

By night, however, he becomes BATMEANIE! International candy thief, suspected serial ant killer and founding member of the criminal organization NARF (Nefarious and Really Fearsome).

Batmeanie action shot

Nerwin and Batmeanie belonged to the Smart-Ass Knitters for a year, but now Kim has authorized me to let him loose on the world! His pattern includes both the monster and his costume. It’s now available on Ravelry for anyone who dares to knit it!

Lock your doors and hide your sweets – something squishy this way comes…




SALE TIME! From now until Sept 15 get $1.00 off your Nerwin and Batmeanie pattern! Just use the code moohaha at the checkout!


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Every year my LYS, Shall We Knit does something for Knit in Public Day (info for this year’s gala HERE). It’s always fun, there is always a fundraiser and there are quite frequently surprises.

This year they are raising money to help favourite dyers Indigodragonfly build a new dye studio.


This year Joey’s House is one of the surprises. (MWAHAHAHAH!!!)

Kim, of Indigodragonfly has a bit of a thing with squirrels. So when I went in to Shall We Knit about a month ago and said “What’s up for WWKIP Day?” I was not too surprised by Karen’s request.

“We need squirrels.”

Of course you do.

However, they couldn’t be just any squirrels.

Obviously we need a Cute and Cuddly Courier Squirrel, and a Mutant Zombie Squirrel. Of Doom.

Cute and cuddly Courier Squirrel and Mutant Zombie Squirrel

How cute is this one with his little courier bag and wee skein of yarn?

Courier Squirrel

Ok, so Zombie Squirrel isn’t as cute, but he sure is fun to zombify. And he’ll guard your vegetable garden if you ask nicely.

Zombie Squirrel

Of course, the yarn is from Indigodragonfly – the Squirrels were knit in her MCN Sock in the colour People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Cannot Speak To Any More of Them.

Which is why you need a Squirrel – so you don’t end up just muttering to yourself in a corner. Folks might get the wrong idea.

Zombie Squirrel’s red eye is from Closure Fine Fastenings, a wee little button shop located inside Shall We Knit. I promise, Lynn won’t look at you strangely if you ask for Zombie eye buttons.

For anyone able to make it to Shall We Knit they will be selling kits complete with the pattern, foam stuffing and eyes, andyou’ll be able to visit with not only the Squirrels tomorrow, but me too! Come by and say hi!

If you’re not in the area no worries!

The pattern is available now on Ravelry.

Happy squirrelling!

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Our new wee monster has been following me quitely around the house since yesterday.  He’s not nearly as loud or destructive mischievous as some of his comrades.  I often find him in quite corners reading or looking out the window.  Oh, and he loves video games.  He’s really good at Plants vs Zombies.  Also, Peggle.  I’ve been wondering what to call him.  This morning whenI got up I found this.

he can spell!

So, meet Monte everyone!  Monte is an easy monster to make.  He is knit in the round, so there is very little sewing.  For the most part shaping is accomplished using simple increases and decreases.  His feet are the trickiest part, being worked like a small sock.

Monte’s pattern is now available on Ravelry for only $3.00.  Use the coupon code monte1 to get $1.00 off any Joey’s House pattern until March 31!

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Wow, I am on a roll with getting things made this week!  It’s making me really happy to be able to cross stuff off my list.  Today I finished up the gift for Punky’s teacher, and for my family’s gift exchange.  Actually, not only the gift, but the wrapping too!

popcorn seasonings

I mixed up jar-sized batches of popcorn seasoning mixes from recipes that I found on line.  All of the recipes I found seem to only make enough for one or two batches of popcorn.  Much easier to make up a big batch and have it in a handy shaker I think.  I chose three different flavours and went to work mixing up dry spices.  Even if you think of yourself as not crafty/not artsy/not able to cook you can do this.  You’re just dumping dry spices into a bowl, mixing them together and then transferring them into a jar.  It took me a few minutes to figure out how much I would have to make to fill two jars of each flavour, but the actual mixing and packaging probably took all of ten minutes.  Easy fast and fun, just what holiday gifts should be!  Of course, you know my obsession with good packaging – I had to make up some fun labels to go on the jars.  No fancy sticker sheets required (sorry Staples) for the labels – regular paper and a decent glue stick work great.

Now, for the wrapping.  Yesterday I went over to Len’s Mill, our local fabric/yarn/never know what else shop.  It’s a good place to go for fabric of the type I was looking for, which would be cute and cheap.  I didn’t feel the need to spend a ton on gift bag fabric.  Len’s carries some of the fancy brands, but if you walk past those shelves you’ll find more shelves piled high with less expensive fabrics.  Some are good quality, some not so much.  It’s always a mess, but fun to dig through.  A small amount of poking rewarded me with this fun green print – looks kind of like candies, right?

Elf bags

All four bags took me about half an hour to make.  I had a half metre of fabric, so I just folded it in half lengthwise,and then cut a 10 inch wide piece for each bag.  The last bag is a bit bigger as there were about 13 inches left after three 10 inch cuts.  It’s a gift bag – who cares?  I have a little tutorial here if you want instructions to make your own super quick bags. I love projects like this where you use up very bit of the supply you bought for it, I have enough craft stash!

Finally, a continuation of yesterday’s purple theme.

Pajama pants for RedBear

Remember RedBear?  Well, his sweater was a big hit.  Punky hasn’t requested any clothes for him this year, but I think she’ll like that he has pants that match hers. On his part, RedBear was very patient with me as I had to try his pants on him a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t messing them up too badly.  Unlike his best friend RedBear has limitless patience.

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I’d like to introduce you to another member of our family.  This is RedBear.


RedBear was given to Punky on her first birthday by her Oma.  Of course, she loved having a new stuffie, as she continues to love new stuffies.  There have been many, many (OMG, don’t get me started many) stuffies since then, and while all of them are loved, none are loved like RedBear.  He is the constant.  He is the thing that as a young parent you are paranoid about losing, but she insists on taking him everywhere.  Luckily, for us, she no longer drags him all over the place, but he still goes on all of the big adventures.  He has been there for every birthday, every Christmas. When she took her first step it was to get her Bear.  When she rode her first two-wheeler he was in the basket.  He’s gone on sleepovers to Grandma’s, Oma’s, Uncle Miky’s, Nanny’s, and Brownies.  He’s been camping in many place, including  Algonquin Park.  He’s been to Ottawa, Disney Land, and on a cruise where he met the Captain.  He went to her first day of school and has met every one of her teachers.  RedBear happily attended the weddings of both Oma and Poppa and Uncle Mik and Auntie Anne.  He has also brought quiet comfort during two funerals.  In all cases he is recognized as an honoured guest and nobody minds his presence.  Among other good qualities, RedBear knows how to be quiet.  He brings Punky strength on scary trips to doctor or dentist, and celebrates with her when grades are good or she learns her new piano song.  She sleeps with him every single night.  So when she gave me her Christmas wish list a while ago I was not too surprised to see written on it

Sweater for RedBear (blue).

Just a couple of days before I had been jumping up and down that my Christmas knitting was DONE, and there was no way I was going to do ANY MORE!  But that night found me rummaging through the yarn, digging out my needles and casting on.  I can’t have a chilly family member after all.  And of course, a sweater for a bear isn’t going to take long to knit, even if the only thing I could find in an acceptable colour was sock yarn.

Looking dapper.

I think he looks rather dapper, don’t you?

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The Minions are always out there making new fiends, I mean friends, and this time it is Sheri and co over at the Loopy Ewe! Sheri has little contests every now and again, and the question this time was: What do you do with your little leftover balls of yarn?  An excellent question!  The answer, of course (provided in this case by Loopy blog reader Ruth), is to make Minions! Woot!  Thanks for the shout out Sheri, and keep knitting Ruth!  And if you’re looking for a bit of variety in your leftover knitting may I suggest the Tiny Toys? Actually, I also think that a Draggo striped with leftovers could be pretty awesome too.

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