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So it’s been a while. Stuff has happened. I went back to work, and that took my focus for a while. I had hoped to return to the blog last year, but as with many folks, last year was terrible for me. There were too many other things to get through, focus on and manage to hope to find the energy for blog posts. But, most of that is done, Spring is coming, so it seemed like a good time to start again. I’m still knitting and making stuff, that never goes away! I’ve been working on a new design yesterday and today, which is part of what inspired me to chat with you all again. Here’s where it all started yesterday.

Scrap socks

Scrap socks, oh yeah, nothing ever changes does it? Sadly, after some knitting, some ripping, some more knitting, I came to the conclusion that the colours I had were not working out. Not enough contrast. So I set it aside – always a good rule to follow when things are not going to plan. I had a little think about colours, had a little dig through the stash and today I’m starting over with this.

New sock pattern to be

I think it will work. I’m also going to fuss with my chart a bit as I wasn’t 100% happy with the way the pattern was going yesterday, so might as well start over completely.

So, what have you been up to?


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You know I love, love LOVE using up leftover yarn to make something awesome. That was the plan with these striped socks I made for Joey.

I wanted to use two self-striping, faux-isle type yarns striped together. I figured that as the colours and patterns changed within each yarn I’d get some pretty interesting stripes. Here are the two colours I used, knit up as plain socks.

First toe up sock!

Fortissima Colori Socka Colour in 9095.

Joey Socks

Opal Rainforest in colour 4007.

I used my own A Study in Scraps pattern, with just a couple of changes. I did two row stripes instead of single row, just because I could. And I added a third colour for the cuffs, heels and toes (Lion Brand Sock Ease in Taffy) because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn to finish the socks otherwise. Plus I thought it would make a good contrast.

Here are the results!

Joey's scrap socks

I really love them, and they were so fun to knit up! If you are entertained when knitting a self-striping yarn, think how entertained you’ll be using TWO of them!

As I went I weighed my yarn, so next time I wanted to make scrappy socks I’d know if I had enough. If you want to make your own scrap socks, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
1) My yarns were all fairly thin. You might want to check my weight/yard to your own yarn and calculate accordingly. Or do what I would and just add on a few grams for comfort.
2) Joey wears a size 8.5 men’s shoe. (yeah, that’s pretty small, insert joke here.) I cast on 68 sts for him with a gauge of 8 sts/inch. Bigger socks obviously require more yarn.
3) The cuff of each sock is 2.5 cm/1″ long. The leg length is 11cm/4.3″. Foot length is 19cm/7.5″ measured from the back of the heel when laid flat. If you are making longer/shorter socks plan accordingly!
4) I used a standard heel flap and flat toe.

Here’s what I started with:
Lion Brand (blue): 28 gr
Fortissima (blue stripe): 34 gr
Opal (orange stripe): 32 gr

Here are the amounts used for each part of the sock. Amounts are for ONE sock:

sock amt 2

Total amounts used:

Lion Brand: 11.5 grams (cuff, heel, toe)

Fortissima: 11.0 grams (leg, foot)

Opal: 12.0 grams (leg, foot)

Total yarn used for ONE sock: 34.5 grams.

(If that chart is too small for you click HERE for a bigger version)

I don’t know abut you, but I was a little surprised by how little yarn you need to knit each bit. 4 grams for a toe is not a lot of yarn, y’know?  So you can really get out the small balls of leftovers and still do something cool with them! Let me know if you conduct a similar sock knitting experiment – did you like the results? Did you use a lot more yarn than me? If you want to give me specific amounts for a specific size I’ll post them here for others to use too!

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The War on Scraps continues to be fought here at joey’s house.  I have a metric crap tonne of sock yarn scraps it seems.  Some of them don’t even really fit into the “scrap” category – there is enough left to make a whole sock or mitten – but not TWO socks or mittens.   Some are just the little walnut sized balls that seem to transport from room to room.  I’ve tried to corral them all in one spot; I don’t think it can be done.  Using them up is the only means of taming them.  I started the summer with a new pattern which encourages the use of the larger balls – or a bunch of little ones combined.  A Study in Scraps is still free, and doing especially well on Craftsy.  It’s also available on Ravelry, should you prefer.

Scrap socks, finally complete

I’ve recently finished up two more scrappy projects – first up are Socks of Summer Punkiness, made for (of course) Punky.  She has a great time playing with colours in the scrap bowl.  When I asked her what colours I should use for her socks this is what she came up with.  Bright and pretty, just like her.

Punky Summer Socks

These are basic 3×1 rib socks knit over 56 sts.  Regular flap heel and corresponding gusset.  The fun part is the random stripes at the cuff, heel and toe.  No planning required whatsoever, just use whatever colour you feel like next.  These socks have been my travelling companions this summer – I started them on our first camping trip to The Pinery, and have taken them everywhere since.  They’re done just in time for school.

Punky was away last week, and I decided I needed to do something fun while I had some time to myself.  So I dusted off my loom, watched a bunch of tutorials (since I didn’t really remember anything) and got out the scraps.  AGAIN.  Here’s the result this time.

Stashbuster blues

Blue scrap scarf

I used a 12 dent reed on my Cricket loom.  I figured out how I wanted the stripes to look in the wrap (I was really just going for even amounts of each colour) and then wound random amounts of each colour onto my shuttle and wove until it gave out.  Which turns out to be pretty effective in the end.  Who knew?  I really liked doing this – I don’t think I could have stood another scrap sock right away, but I do plan on making more scarves.  As soon as I can get my loom back from Punky who insists that her teddies need another blankie.  Oy.

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