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Just in time for Halloween! Another new monster!

This is Frankie Pie!

Frankie Pie

The idea for him came to me as I was looking at some other knitted toys on line a while ago.  As I was mulling him over in my head I saw a tweet from Catherine of Blueberry Pie Studio about her new green self striping colour way.  That solidified what Frankie should look like, so I drew him up and messaged Catherine. She agreed – Frankie needed to be striped!  She suggested a second colour for him, and tossed the yarn in the mail. I got to knitting, and here we are!

Frankie pie

Frankie is knit flat and in the round and has very minimal assembly – you only have to sew on his arms and legs. He uses basic increases and decreases, so he’s a good beginner monster. There is a very little bit of simple colour work on his head, but it’s optional.

Frankie Pie

As always, his pattern is available on Ravelry. Shall we have a little sale to celebrate? oh, yes, I think so! Enter the code besquare at the checkout to get $1.00 off your Frankie pattern from now until Oct 9.

Now get knitting and go scare some villagers!


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Last year, right around this time, I got to do something really fun. I designed a pattern for Indigodragonfly’s Smart-Ass Knitter’s Club. Club members get exclusive yarn colours and patterns over the course of the year. Many of the designers for Kim’s club have done very beautiful, elegant patterns.  For the October 2012 club beautiful and elegant went right out the window, and Joey’s House took over, full force.  Of course there had to be a monster for Halloween!  A  monster with not only a costume, but a secret identity!

Meet Nerwin.

Nerwin - he's nice

Nerwin is the mild-mannered accountant of the Training for Really Objectionable Zombies (TROZ) school. By day he crunches numbers, counts beans, and serves as the office POIT (President of Inter-office Tea Time).

Batmeanie - international candy thief!

By night, however, he becomes BATMEANIE! International candy thief, suspected serial ant killer and founding member of the criminal organization NARF (Nefarious and Really Fearsome).

Batmeanie action shot

Nerwin and Batmeanie belonged to the Smart-Ass Knitters for a year, but now Kim has authorized me to let him loose on the world! His pattern includes both the monster and his costume. It’s now available on Ravelry for anyone who dares to knit it!

Lock your doors and hide your sweets – something squishy this way comes…




SALE TIME! From now until Sept 15 get $1.00 off your Nerwin and Batmeanie pattern! Just use the code moohaha at the checkout!

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Every year my LYS, Shall We Knit does something for Knit in Public Day (info for this year’s gala HERE). It’s always fun, there is always a fundraiser and there are quite frequently surprises.

This year they are raising money to help favourite dyers Indigodragonfly build a new dye studio.


This year Joey’s House is one of the surprises. (MWAHAHAHAH!!!)

Kim, of Indigodragonfly has a bit of a thing with squirrels. So when I went in to Shall We Knit about a month ago and said “What’s up for WWKIP Day?” I was not too surprised by Karen’s request.

“We need squirrels.”

Of course you do.

However, they couldn’t be just any squirrels.

Obviously we need a Cute and Cuddly Courier Squirrel, and a Mutant Zombie Squirrel. Of Doom.

Cute and cuddly Courier Squirrel and Mutant Zombie Squirrel

How cute is this one with his little courier bag and wee skein of yarn?

Courier Squirrel

Ok, so Zombie Squirrel isn’t as cute, but he sure is fun to zombify. And he’ll guard your vegetable garden if you ask nicely.

Zombie Squirrel

Of course, the yarn is from Indigodragonfly – the Squirrels were knit in her MCN Sock in the colour People Are Particularly Stupid Today. I Cannot Speak To Any More of Them.

Which is why you need a Squirrel – so you don’t end up just muttering to yourself in a corner. Folks might get the wrong idea.

Zombie Squirrel’s red eye is from Closure Fine Fastenings, a wee little button shop located inside Shall We Knit. I promise, Lynn won’t look at you strangely if you ask for Zombie eye buttons.

For anyone able to make it to Shall We Knit they will be selling kits complete with the pattern, foam stuffing and eyes, andyou’ll be able to visit with not only the Squirrels tomorrow, but me too! Come by and say hi!

If you’re not in the area no worries!

The pattern is available now on Ravelry.

Happy squirrelling!

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I like to use safety eyes on my knitted toys. I think they look good (better than my embroidery heh), they’re easy to install, and not too hard to get hold of.  Eyes are the most important part of the toy – your knitting may be perfect, your colours inspired, your making up flawless, but if you put those eyes on crooked or in the wrong place that’s all anyone will notice. When I’m ready to put a toy’s eyes on I stuff the head first, then stick the eyes through the knitting and then assess. I move them around. I fuss with them.  When I finally have it right then I finally take the stuffing back out and attach the backs to the eyes.

Now, my toys either stay here – and Punky is old enough not to try to eat them – or go to yarn shops as displays. Also not a big worry that someone will try to yank the eyes out.  But I am always concerned about people with little kids – those of the everything-in-the-mouth age.  Safety eyes are so called because when you attach them to a piece of sturdy fabric (I’m talking commercial fabric here, not hand knitting) they are pretty difficult to get off. I’ve never had one come off a knitted toy either, but I really think that a determined enough toddler could do it, given enough time.  Hand knitting stretches, and if you yanked on that eye enough and stretched out the knitting, I could see how it might maybe one day come out. However, my test knitter for Ciel, the wonderful Val has come up with a very easy solution to this problem. Take a look:



Brilliant!  Just a little scrap of ribbon, with a couple of holes poked into it so the eye posts can go through. The grosgrain type of ribbon that Val used is nice and sturdy, and in a light enough colour not to show through the pink she used as for the head. Turn it right side out, add some stuffing and…



Cute! A lady bug kind of Ciel! Thanks Val for sharing!

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Well, spring is supposed to be on the way, but right here, right now – not so much. There is still a lot of snow outside, it has in fact, been snowing most of the day. things are still grey and beige and blah. Also cold. Time maybe for a little colour boost?
Yes, I think so! Please let me introduce Ciel, the newest monster at Joey’s House!

Coming soon!

Knit from a super-squishy (seriously – you want one of these!) Babycakes DK kit from RainCityKnits, she is sweet, colourful and very fun!

Babycakes Rainbow

I couldn’t help but get into some colour work with all of the pretty colours I had available. Don’t fret, it isn’t too difficult. If you’re really not into it, maybe just some stripes?

Rainbow monster
The pattern is available on Ravelry, of course. I hope she brightens your day! If not maybe this will: use the code nomoresnow to get 20% off any of my patterns from now until Friday! Whee!

Ciel monster

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Well, it seems holiday time is approaching.  Have you been busily knitting your little fingers off?  Are you prepared with your box of completed gifts or are you frantically trying to knit 16 sweaters, 2 blankets, 8 pairs of socks, 9 scarves, 12 mittens and a partridge in the next 25 days?

Either way, I think your hand made gifts deserve a hand made gift tag!  Or, well, at least a tag with hand done art work, professionally printed so they look good.  A tag that will reflect all the time and effort you’ve put into your gifts, and what you’re really thinking when you present them to that (hopefully) worthy recipient.  A gift tag like this:

gift card 2012

What, you weren’t expecting something cutesy were you?  Sorry, Hallmark has the copyright on all that stuff.

While I was ordering the gift tags I noticed that I could have stickers printed too.  Stickers!!  Whoo, sign me up, what fun!  So I made two.  There’s a traditional To/From kind:

To/From Sticker 2012

And just a fun one that you can slap on a non-knitted gift or a card or whatever:

Monster sticker 2012

Here are the specs:

All products are professionally printed, and feature my original artwork.  The gift tags are standard business card size of  49 x 87 mm and printed on matte paper .  The stickers are 68 x 21 mm and printed on a glossier stock.

Pricing is as follows:
5 tags, packaged in a cute wee envelope is $2.50 plus shipping
5 tags + 5 stickers, either design is $ 3.00, plus shipping.
Shipping to Canada is $0.70
Shipping to the USA is $1.10
Shipping to anywhere else will be calculated dependant on where it’s going.

To order please email me at: joeyshouseATgoldenDOTnet. Include what you would like to receive, the email address you use for PayPal and your mailing address. Payment is through PayPal only. I will send you an invoice after I get your order.

Should you want any other combo of products please feel free to email me at: joeyshouseATgoldenDOTnet.
Of course, your stickers or tags will arrive without the copyright water mark 🙂

Supplies are limited, first come first serve please!

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Remember Monte?  Sure you do.

Stack 'em up!

And you may even recall that Monte was going to be at the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic in kit form. Well, for everyone who didn’t get to the frolic Monte kits are now available on line from one of my favourite yarn pushers dealers suppliers Indigodragonfly. Each kit includes enough yarn for one Monte and safety eyes/buttons/some sort of embellishment.  If you grab 3 kits you’ll have enough yarn for FOUR Montes, just like the stack above.  Kits are only $10, available HERE.  Kim may also have some other pretty sweet yarn listed just below Monte – take a peek!  MCN, yum!!

If you want the pattern (with or without the kit) you can grab it HERE for the wee price of only $3.00.

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