Alright, who out there, like me, has to make lunch for at least one kid to take to school everyday? Are you always looking out for something different? I swear Punky eats pretty much the same thing everyday. It doesn’t seem to bug her much, and it does make things easier for me in the mornings. Still, I like to make different things to put in when I can. Like many kids, Punky likes granola bars. But since our school is nut-free I can’t send most of them. And most of the bars that are nut-free are also covered in chocolate and full of squicky little marshmallows or candy or something. They’re really only one step away from being a candy bar (Yeah, Quaker I’m looking at you. Wholesome goodness my ass.)


So I am always on the lookout for a home made granola bar recipe – one without nuts. There are lots out there, but many use peanut butter as a binder and are so full of nuts that substituting everything out is beyond my comfort zone. But a couple of weeks ago I came across this recipe. No peanut butter, and only 2 kinds of nuts! This I felt I could make substitutions for and still have it come out recognizable as a granola bar. Check it out:

Nut Free Granola Bars

It worked!

I’m not going to reprint the whole recipe here, especially since Pioneer Woman has made such a lovely photo tutorial for you. But here’s what I did differently:

I cut the salt down to 1/2 tsp (if that). I didn’t think it needed the whole amount.
I added a big 1/2 tsp of cinnamon – more or less. I didn’t really measure.
I subbed apple sauce for the apple juice – worked fine.
This is Canada – I used maple syrup not molasses.
As a sub for the nuts I went really basic and used raisins and sunflower seeds. I didn’t really measure these either, but the amounts given for the nuts seemed skimpy for such a big pan of bars. Next time I’d put in even more.

These are the crunchy kind of granola bar. I think if you wanted chewy you could maybe bake them a bit less or cut back on some of the dry stuff. Also, if you need a gluten free bar you could do a gluten free cereal, and I’m sure there’s a good sub for the wheat germ – I think I’d just run some oatmeal through the food processor until it was sort of powdery like wheat germ and use that. Easy, and no hard to find ingredients. I’m not well versed on gluten free ingredients though – maybe someone has a better idea?

These were a hit with all of the kids and adults who tried them. It makes a big tray, I shared.

I love a good pattern collection, don’t you? So I’ve put my three $2.00 patterns all together in one place, at one low price! Come on over to Ravelry and get your $5.00 eBook now!


Less than a Latte: 3 sock patterns for the frugal knitter

Less than a Latte eBook

This book is a really good deal – three sock patterns for less than what you might normally spend on one! They are all fun, easy patterns – maybe just the thing to knit on vacation over the summer? Grab a skein of sock yarn (don’t tell me you don’t have any you big fibber), download the eBook and you are ready for some fine beach knitting! Or hey, Sunday is Mother’s day, right? Does your mom knit? Voila, instant present! No, she won’t think you’re cheap, don’t be silly, it’s your mom, she’ll be proud that you made a smart purchasing decision and aren’t going into debt to buy her something goofy.  If you have a bit of extra cash, toss in a gift card for her favourite coffee shop and a skein of sock yarn. What knitter mom doesn’t want some quiet knitting time with a nice latte? It’ll help make up for that time in high school.  You know the one.


ATTENTION KNITTERS! This eBook is only going to be available until July 31, 2013. Grab it now if you want it!


I like to use safety eyes on my knitted toys. I think they look good (better than my embroidery heh), they’re easy to install, and not too hard to get hold of.  Eyes are the most important part of the toy – your knitting may be perfect, your colours inspired, your making up flawless, but if you put those eyes on crooked or in the wrong place that’s all anyone will notice. When I’m ready to put a toy’s eyes on I stuff the head first, then stick the eyes through the knitting and then assess. I move them around. I fuss with them.  When I finally have it right then I finally take the stuffing back out and attach the backs to the eyes.

Now, my toys either stay here – and Punky is old enough not to try to eat them – or go to yarn shops as displays. Also not a big worry that someone will try to yank the eyes out.  But I am always concerned about people with little kids – those of the everything-in-the-mouth age.  Safety eyes are so called because when you attach them to a piece of sturdy fabric (I’m talking commercial fabric here, not hand knitting) they are pretty difficult to get off. I’ve never had one come off a knitted toy either, but I really think that a determined enough toddler could do it, given enough time.  Hand knitting stretches, and if you yanked on that eye enough and stretched out the knitting, I could see how it might maybe one day come out. However, my test knitter for Ciel, the wonderful Val has come up with a very easy solution to this problem. Take a look:



Brilliant!  Just a little scrap of ribbon, with a couple of holes poked into it so the eye posts can go through. The grosgrain type of ribbon that Val used is nice and sturdy, and in a light enough colour not to show through the pink she used as for the head. Turn it right side out, add some stuffing and…



Cute! A lady bug kind of Ciel! Thanks Val for sharing!

Today’s knitting

Sock WIP

Originally uploaded by heatheratjoeyshouse

Meet Ciel!

Well, spring is supposed to be on the way, but right here, right now – not so much. There is still a lot of snow outside, it has in fact, been snowing most of the day. things are still grey and beige and blah. Also cold. Time maybe for a little colour boost?
Yes, I think so! Please let me introduce Ciel, the newest monster at Joey’s House!

Coming soon!

Knit from a super-squishy (seriously – you want one of these!) Babycakes DK kit from RainCityKnits, she is sweet, colourful and very fun!

Babycakes Rainbow

I couldn’t help but get into some colour work with all of the pretty colours I had available. Don’t fret, it isn’t too difficult. If you’re really not into it, maybe just some stripes?

Rainbow monster
The pattern is available on Ravelry, of course. I hope she brightens your day! If not maybe this will: use the code nomoresnow to get 20% off any of my patterns from now until Friday! Whee!

Ciel monster

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Originally uploaded by heatheratjoeyshouse

Are you ready to meet the newest member of Joey’s house?

From the market







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