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Wouldn’t you like to have your own little hoard to make you sandwiches in the morning?  Let me help you with that!  The pattern is ready to go, and now available on Ravelry!

The details:

These minions are small – only about 7″ from hat tip to toe tip!  They knit up fast so you can have a whole horde of them in no time!  They’re just the size to stuff in a stocking (if you can convince them to stay there) or hang on the tree for the coolest ornament in town.   And they are knit in the round so there is no seaming and only minimal assembly.

So, what are you still doing here!??  GO! Knit!  Be happy!

Yarn: use up those favourite sock yarn scraps, or create an army of matching Minions from one 50 g ball.  Each Minion requires about 10 g of yarn.

Needles: Knit in the round on 2.25mm dpns.

Skills: Knitting in the round, basic increases and decreases, i-cord.

 Pattern includes 2 different head/body options (round or with ears) as well as 2 hats (toque and pointy elf hat) and pants.  The pattern is 7 pages of full colour fun, and will be emailed to you right away through Ravelry’s wicked delivery system.




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A Little Help

Well, after cornering our little guests in the cupboard the other day we have had a chance to get to know them, and it seems as long as you keep them busy (and fed) they are actually quite helpful little terrors creatures to have around.  Just look at all the work they did this morning!

Isn’t that nice – they made Joey’s lunch for him, complete with way too much mustard.  Just the way he likes it.


Looks like Joey is going to have an interesting day at work today!


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What Happened Here?

A few days ago I found this little hat outside on my porch railing.

 I didn’t know who it belonged to, but I brought it inside.  It seems this may have been a mistake.   That evening Joey and I kept hearing little scuffling noises and giggles.  We kept searching around but never found the source of the noises.  The next morning there were several things out of place in the kitchen.  We thought it must be the cats, and set everything back to right.

The following night there was more scuffling and even more giggling.  This is what we found in the morning.

Do you see it?  Peeking out of the cupboard?

Let me give you a close up.

No, it’s not a plant leaf.  Joey bravely went over and opened the cupboard.  Inside, we found this:

What the heck is that?   And in the rest of the cupboard?

A little closer?

What are they indeed! I don’t know yet, but apparently they had some sort of wicked party.

Maybe next time they will invite me.

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Quick!  Hide your socks!  There’s a monster under the bed and he’ll eat them if you’re not careful!

As you can see this monster only likes mismatched socks.  He’s not picky on the type of sock though.  He also likes to eat dust bunnies for dessert.  It’s nice to be useful isn’t it?

Think you might like your own sock monster?  His pattern is now available in the Joey’s House Etsy Shop or through Joey’s House on Ravelry.  Sock Monster is knit in the round, on 2.25 mm needles using sock yarn of course!  The pattern comes in PDF format and includes 6 pages of instructions for both the Monster and two different socks.  There are full colour photos and email support from me if you get stuck. 

To celebrate  the new Sock Monster pattern I’m having a little contest – the first five people to leave a comment here on the blog with a way to contact youwill receive a free Sock Monster Pattern!  Ready??  GO!!!

ETA: Wow, what a ot of great replies!  Thanks everyone who has stopped by to leave a comment today.  The five free patterns have been given out.  The winners are:




Mary  and,


If you are one of these lucky people and you have not recieved your pattern by now please check your email and/or your Ravelry account, as I have sent them all out.  For eveyone else, thanks for stopping by, we love having guests!

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Sneek Peek!

It seems there is a little monster running around my house these days.

I’m trying to catch him so I can write down his pattern for you!  But he is hard to catch – he keeps going behind the rads to warm up his bare feet.

Maybe if I make him some socks he’ll come out.

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Santa Claus is coming….

…to Joey’s House!

Actually, he’s already here!

This particular Santa can also appear at your house!  Just swing by the Joey’s House Etsy shop for a pattern. 

Of course, should you prefer, the pattern is also available through Ravelry.

I know it’s only September 11 – that means there are 104 knitting days until Christmas. 

Hey that’s lots of time to knit a Santa! 


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My newest batch of toys is FINALLY done, edited, and listed for sale!  PHEW!  I don’t mind telling you, they have been a bit of a pain, what with re-knitting ears 5 or 6 times, patterns put into the computer and then lost (I forgot to feed the computer gnomes that day it seems) Punky Pie making off with one before it could be photographed, etc etc.

Yeah, ok, I hear you: “Yeah, yeah, but let’s see them!”

Here you go:

tiny toys
After all that it’s a good thing they’re cute!

I hope you like them.  And should you want to knit one, please come by my Etsy Store for the patterns.

So what’s up next?  Well, I think I might just have to go sit n the porch in the sun and contemplate that :)


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Do your ears hang low?

Ok, here’s what I have so far:


One bunny head/body.  No it’s not a pear.  Or a Shmoo.  I thought this would be the hard part.  As it turns out it’s the ears that are kicking my ass.  I have ripped out 3 different ears.  I am about to start on my 4th.  This time I think I’ve got it.  Stupid ears.

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Where to start?

Beginning a new design is always an adventure.  What to make?  What yarn?  What colour? Knit flat or in the round?  Or maybe I should just say screw it and go do the dishes?

It always starts with some idea floating around in my head.  I usually leave it there until it has become a full fleshed character, and wakes me up at night demanding to be let out.  That’s how you know it’s ripe!

This time it seems I am knitting a bunny.  I have wanted to make something out of left over sock yarn for a while now, so bunny’s yarn choice and colour were decided before I knew it would be a bunny.  It doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes the character comes out and I go looking for the right yarn in the right colours.  In this case I wanted to come up with something to use all of those wonderful sock yarn bits we all have rolling around in our stash.  They are often fabulous colours and beautiful yarn, you don’t want to just leave them do you?  Check out bunny’s yarn:

bunny yarn

Trekking XXL, yummy!  I just finished my socks with this yarn, and couldn’t put it away.  It became the muse for this project.  Once little bunny figures started floating in my head I sketched them out:


I don’t always sketch, although it is a good way of getting the character out of my head so I can sleep better. In this case I had started the knitting, and did the sketches just to help firm up the shape. Of course, the other part of designing is keeping notes on what you have knit.  Writing the pattern would be a lot of bad guesswork otherwise.

 I write my design notes in an old notebook rather than my “good” knitting journal.  I don’t like having the journal all full of scratched out instructions and torn out pages.  I transfer my notes over to my journal once the pattern is done.  That it s the first step to translating my scribbles into pattern language that other people will understand, rather than chicken scratches that even I am squinting at.  And yes, designing – for me at least – involves lots of ripping back of knitting and scratching out of notes.  Things just don’t always look right the first time.  Last night I knit an entire ear before I realised it looked like ass.  But for me ripping is learning – as in I just learned that those decreases look bad, or that knitting this bunny in the round wouldn’t work because the fabric was pulling funny on the needles and making holes.  It is not (usually) too discouraging to rip something back.  If I want a usable, saleable design it has to look right.  Of course, ripping back the same thing over and over isn’t fun.  That usually means it’s bed time!

For me the tricky part of this design – the head/body piece – is now done.  Thanks to last night’s learning session I have a pretty good grip on the ears.  Tonight is my knitting group and I’d really like to take a bunny rather than a blob.  So I will bid you adieu, and promise more in progress pictures tomorrow!

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Spring Bunny Pattern

Hey look who’s here!

bunny closeup

A little cutie just in time for spring!


Want one of your own?  Come on by my Etsy shop and grab a pattern!  Of course, I would love to see any bunnies made from this pattern, so don’t forget to drop me a line and say hi!

Coming soon: the birth of a pattern.  I have another little bunny running around in my head, calling to be let out.  Come on back and I’ll show you my creative process when designing a new critter.  It’s just as glamorous as you think it is! (HA!)

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